With advancement in wireless technology, most people assume that it is just as reliable and secure as a wired network. In fact, most people can't even comprehend using the internet via wires. Despite the convenience caused by using wireless technology, there are some major disadvantages when it comes to using it in the workplace. Therefore it's important to understand the pros associated with wiring your office so that you could make a reasonable choice.

Ease of Use
Initially setting up the wireless network can be a daunting task. Also, issues with wireless network can be difficult to troubleshoot and identify. Also, wireless router signals fluctuate occasionally causing a hassle when connecting to the network and the changing encryptions are equally challenging. Having a wired office will provide you with the ease of mind and will help you identify any issues much quicker than trying to troubleshoot wireless signals and potential signal interference. This will ensure smooth running of workplace and maximum profits for your business.

Connection issues with wireless network are quite common especially if you try accessing at the edge of wireless range. Routers are sometimes needed to reset as well for quick restoration of internet. Wired networks very rarely go down and is completely reliable.
Wireless network ranges also vary a lot depending on the type of construction they're installed in. Walls inhibit the signal and not every desk at the office enjoy the same internet connection speed. Although double antenna routers have a broader range to themselves however in the end, wireless network can be quite unreliable.

With office work piled up on your desk and deadlines approaching, an individual can be quite stressed at their workstation. Having a slow internet when deadlines are approaching is frustrating to say the least. Page loading speeds and download speeds are all important tasks for which waiting a single second seems ages.
With Ethernet cable, the internet speeds are quite high which is necessary for an office. You can get a speed of 1 Gigabytes per second which is 3 times the speed of the fastest Wi-Fi network out there.

Security is imperative in an office space and cannot be compromised at any price at all. Changing encryption standards of wireless network isn't an easy solution and doesn't ensure 100% security. Companies pay large sums of money to security companies to ensure safety of their wireless network.
Using a wired office will help you limit vulnerabilities, and ensure maximum safety of your network by avoiding heaps of money to be spent on the security measures. Wired networks are an ideal solution for most businesses out there.
After you've made up your mind, it's essential to understand the various options available in market and how you will proceed with your structured cabling of the office. Fiber optics and Cat6 technologies are the best choice in most workplaces.

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